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This section of the site is dedicated to providing information to RMIKF students. Continue to check back for updated information.

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Helpful Information

The Importance of Proper Manners in Martial Art Training

Manners are a vital part of human relationships. When we practice good manners we are showing respect for others, as well as to ourselves. The student of traditional Japanese martial arts, such as, Shotokan Karate, Kendo and Iaido, should not only practice good manners, but understand the reasons behind the specific behaviors.

The following subjects are necessary in demonstrating respect for the art, your instructors, fellow students and yourself: bowing, timeliness, communication, giving and receiving, personal and dojo cleanliness. These topics will be explained in detail throughout your practice.

The longer you practice martial arts, the more natural these manners should become. They should extend into your life outside of the dojo, such as your home and workplace, whenever applicable. It is the awareness and practice of these manners, as well as the physical training, that effects your character improvement, which is the ultimate goal of martial arts training.

Promotion Results


(PNKF - Sept 26, 2021)
Ryley Leach (ZenBuKan) - 3 kyu
Kathryn Webster (ZenBuKan) - 3 kyu
Adalei Webster (ZenBuKan) - 3 Kyu
Amy Wilson (ZenBuKan) - 3 kyu
Carter Webster (ZenBuKan) - 2 kyu
Michael Webster (ZenBuKan) - 2 kyu
Breanne Leach (ZenBuKan) - 1 kyu
Andy Webster (ZenBukan) - 1 dan
Remington Redell (Castle Rock) - 1 dan
Jared Bowler (ZenBuKan) - 3 dan
Philip Sevin (ZenBuKan) - 3 dan

(RMKIF - October23, 2021)
Bennie Butler (Castle Rock) - 5 kyu
Edward Hammond (Castle Rock) - 4 kyu
Rafael Mancilla (Castle Rock) - 3 kyu
Walter Hayden (Castle Rock) - 3 kyu
Aleksey Nikolayev (Castle Rock) - 3 kyu
Jerry Farmer (Castle Rock) - 2 Kyu
Jason Wong (Rocky Mountain Budokan) - 1 kyu
Michael Curtis (Rocky Mountain Budokan) - 1 dan
Frauke Hachtmann (Omaha Kendo & Iaido Kyokai, SWKIF) - 1 dan


(RMKIF - October 23, 2021)
Declan Hamlin (Rocky Mountain Budokan) - 5 kyu
Emelia Mathews (Omaha Kendo & Iaido Kyokai, SWKIF) - 5 kyu
Reid Edler-Murphy (Rocky Mountain Budokan) - 4 kyu
Chase Smith (Cheyenne Budokan) - 4 kyu
Spencer Grace (Cheyenne Budokan) - 4 kyu
Diego Arana (Colorado Springs Kendo Kai, SWKIF) - 4 kyu
Emmanuel Domingo (Cheyenne) - 3 kyu
Diana Cheatman (Rocky Mountain Budokan) - 3 kyu
Barry Stevens (Colorado Springs Kendo Kai, SWKIF) - 3 kyu
Anh Vo (Jinbukan) - 3 kyu
Robert Severson (Omaha Kendo & Iaido Kyokai, SWKIF) - 1 kyu
Ben Senderling (Omaha Kendo & Iaido Kyokai, SWKIF) - 1 dan
Ryoko Kataoka (Mushinkan Dojo, SWKIF) - 1 dan



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